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Enter the world of the Magic Knights!:
The Nine Guardians of the Dojo: The gang of guys from Magic Knight Rayearth
The CLAMP Dojo - Manila Links Page:
The CLAMP Dojo's Fanfiction Collection: Magic Knight Rayearth: The Novel - You'll see it here first!
The Dojo Newsletter: Coming your way this November - the Third Rayearth OAV!!!
The Otaku Pilipino Fanfiction Collection: More fanfics are coming your way this December!!!

Welcome to the CLAMP Dojo - Manila!


This Dojo was updated on Saturday, 14 March 1998.

Oh, my!

Finally, the Fanfic "The Twin Pillars of Cephiro" is over!!!

But, all you fanfic hungre folks out there need not worry; a new fanfic sequel's coming your way in April!!! Enjoy!

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